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At DiversEarth, we believe that the outside world is a reflection of how we are inside. Greed and ignorance within leads to the chaos we see in the world today, including inequity, violence, disease and environmental decline. On the other side, beauty within leads to acts of compassion.

Now, more than ever before, humanity must transform how it views and interacts with nature. Now there is a great urgency for a shift from mindless use to mindful care. DiversEarth aims to contribute to that sustainable transformation, a transformation to a better world.

This is why we work at the special interface between Nature, Culture and Spirit. And this is why we work with indigenous peoples, local and spiritual communities who protect nature by the way they live their lives.

DiversEarth is a small organisation with big energy, set up to protect natural sites and the people and cultures attached to them.

We work with custodians of lands and waters to enhance the protection, management, and restoration of Sacred Natural Sites.

We support and celebrate innovative cultural practices, like mobile pastoralism, that benefit nature and biodiversity around the world.

And we engage with faith-based leaders, communities and networks to find culturally appropriate ways of protecting the natural world.



Hidden Treasures and Peaceful Moments in the Parc du Jura Vaudois, Switzerland

A visual exploration of natural and cultural heritage in the protected area of the Parc du Jura Vaudois


Trésors cachés et moments de paix dans le Parc du Jura Vaudois, Suisse

Une exploration visuelle du patrimoine naturel et culturel dans l’aire protégée du Parc du Jura Vaudois


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